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Removing Tarnish from Brass and Bronze with CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner


We're More Than Just Rust on Steel

Dan - August 3, 2016

Our name is The Rust Store, and as that name implies, our focus is on rust. That is, most of the items we carry are either for removing corrosion from iron and steel or for preventing them from corroding in the first place. But we do offer products for other purposes as well. For instance, CitriSurf® Brass/Bronze Cleaner.

We Can Help You Clean Brass and Bronze

To illustrate, I thought I would clean a favorite tool of mine. I have a wonderful Skew Block Plane with a fence that I use quite often for making chamfers in my woodworking. Now you may have no idea what that is, but that's ok. What matters is that the tool is made of cast bronze, and that it was tarnished from use.

Bronze Hand Plane Before Cleaning with CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner

1 Bronze Plane

Bronze Hand Plane After Cleaning with CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner

17 Bronze Plane

CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner is a great cleaner for situations just like this. After disassembly, I soaked the bronze parts in the CitriSurf for a about 5 minutes. Spraying the product on works too, but these parts were easier to deal with by soaking. Also, as one application does not necessarily use up CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner's cleaning ability, by soaking the items in a container, I was able to pour the remaining fluid back into the bottle for reuse later.

After soaking, I rinsed the plane with clean water and dried everything. The results were impressive, as you can see in the before and after photos above.

I should mention that in addition to the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner, I also used some Gray and White Bear-Tex Pads for cleaning debris while soaking as well as Boeshield T-9 for lubricating the screws and providing a protective coating afterward.

For a closer look at the cleaning of this bronze plane, see our article Using CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner.


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