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Using CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner

CitriSurf 77 for Brass/Bronze Cleaning

How do I use CitriSurf® Brass/Bronze Cleaner?

CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner is a safe and effective cleaner and tarnish remover for brass and bronze. It's very easy to use and the results are great. Have a look at the following series of photos to see the process.

Have Tarnished Brass or Bronze?

Here is a great example of tarnished bronze that could use a brightening with CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner. This is a cast bronze hand plane that has seen a lot of use, and looks it. If you have any brass or bronze that is looking tired and tarnished, and you would like to restore its shine, follow these steps.

Disassemble if Possible

5 Bronze Plane Parts

If the item you want to clean can be disassembled, do so. This way it will be easier to ensure the the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner works into all the nooks and crannies.

CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner is safe for use on most metals and other materials, and is in fact a great cleaner for stainless steel, but prolonged contact with non-stainless carbon steel and zinc can result in etching, so it is a good idea to remove any parts made of these. Also, any wooden or similar parts that could be damaged by soaking in any liquid should be removed if possible.

Apply CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner by Spraying or Soaking

7 Soaking Citrisurf77

Below those bubbles are the bronze parts. Spraying or wiping CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner on the item is also a perfectly acceptable way to use it, but if it possible soaking is more efficient. Not only is is a great way to make sure all the surfaces get maximum exposure, but the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner can also be saved and reused. By creating a bath you can clean more than one item.

About 5 Minutes of Soaking in CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner Later

11 Parts After Soak

Let the brass or bronze soak until the tarnish is removed. Typically this takes about 5 minutes, but the time will vary depending on the extent of the tarnish. Make sure the surface of your item remains wet during the soaking. Spray or wipe additional CitrSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner on the surface as needed.

During the soaking, it may be helpful to lightly scrub or brush the surface of the item to remove any debris. In this case, I used the white non-abrasive grade Norton Bear-Tex Pads to help things along. Of course be aware that brass and bronze are soft metals and can scratch easily, so choose your brush or rubbing pad wisely.

A Note About Lacquer
This is a good place to note that brass and bronze sometimes have a lacquer applied to them as a protective finish. It can be difficult to tell if there is a coating or not, but if the tarnish has not faded after several minutes of contact with the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner, then it is likely that your item has a lacquer coating. If this is the case, you will need to remove the lacquer with a solvent like lacquer thinner before repeating the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner application.

Rinse the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner from the Surface and Dry

14 Parts After Rinse

Once the CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner has done its job, it is time to rinse it off. Plain water is all that's needed. After a thorough rinsing, allow the item to dry completely before reassembly. Drying with a clean cloth or even using a hair drier will speed up the process.

Admire the Shine CitriSurf Brass/Bronze Cleaner Has Made

After drying, reassemble the item and you are set to go. Take a moment to admire the the bright shiny surface of your brass or bronze.

Use Lubricants or Protectants if Desired
In this case, I applied Boeshield T-9, a spray on wax. I used it generously on screw threads and moving parts to keep them lubricated and lightly on the entire surface to provide protection from future tarnishing.

CitriSurf is a registered trademark of Stellar Solutions, Inc., McHenry, IL US.
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